Umbergers of Fontana


As you are busy getting your lawn and garden in order for Summer, don’t forget to buy local. We really appreciate it and when you buy local, much more of your money stays in your local community.

We have a lot of great sales in May to help with lawn care, gardens, and all your projects. And don’t forget — we have grills, charcoal, pest control and everything you need for hot weather and to get  ready Memorial Day picnic.

We have a large selection of used lawn & garden and used ag equipment in stock too. Check it out for big bargains. 

Here at Umbergers of Fontana, we have experienced, professional, friendly staff that can answer all your questions and help you find exactly what you need. Neighbors helping neighbors! We can have you in and out in less time than what it takes just driving and parking at the big box  stores.  Our inventory changes daily and our prices are great.

Our strength is the vast amount of items we carry. From the smallest screw to large earth-moving equipment! We carry items specifically geared to our neighborhood. Animal feeds, garden supplies, tools, landscaping equipment, pet supplies, paint, electical and plumbing supplies … the list goes on and on!

This is the President of the True Value chain of hardware stores, John Hartman, with our own Don Umberger at the recent conference held in Anaheim, California.

One of the topics discussed was how we can meet our local customers’ needs with brands that consumers know and trust. We look forward to bringing you innovative ways and new products to become your favorite store!







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