Preventative maintenance goes a long way in reducing downtime for skid loaders, bedding choppers, feed carts, disc mowers and all your agricultural equipment. Now is the time for professional repairs and maintenance.  Our special Ag Service Department pricing is good through the end of February: Free pick up and delivery of your equipment within a 25 mi. radius and 10% cash discounts on any parts used in repairs. We will also repair and maintain your lawn & garden equipment so service2 editedyou are ready when Spring arrives. We are the experts in mowers! Call us at 867-5161 or email us at umbergersoffontana@comcast.net.

Here at Umbergers of Fontana, we have experienced, professional staff that can answer all your questions and help you find exactly what you need. We can have you in and out in less time than what it takes just driving and parking at the big box  stores.  Plus … our prices are great and you’ll be supporting your community by shopping local.

Our strength is the vast amount of items we carry. From the smallest screw to large earth-moving equipment! We carry items specifically geared to our neighborhood. Animal feeds, garden supplies, tools, landscaping equipment, pet supplies, paint, electical and plumbing supplies … the list goes on and on!


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