Umbergers of Fontana

Snowblower service special on now. Take advantage of FREE pickup and delivery for snowblowers being serviced. Call to schedule a pickup today.
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We are very exumbergers-anniv-sale-2016cited as our store is 84 years young and we will celebrate this in October! We hope you will stop in many times during our fabulous anniversary celebration. After all, we wouldn’t be here without you — our wonderful neighbors. Maybe you’ll win one of our great prizes.

Don’t forget that now is the time to prepare  for Fall and Winter. We have wood pellets, snow throwers, and if you need to update your home with paint, we have every color in the world you want. We are well-stocked on all the equipment and supplies needed to maintain your home in preparation for cold, windy weather ahead. And we have pretty Fall decor for your home too, including garden flags and doormats.

We also have a large selection of used lawn & garden and used ag equipment in stock. Check it out for some end-of-season bargains.

Here at Umbergers of Fontana, we have experienced, professional staff that can answer all your questions and help you find exactly what you need. We can have you in and out in less time than what it takes just driving and parking at the big box  stores.  Plus … our prices are great and you’ll be supporting your community by shopping local.

Our strength is the vast amount of items we carry. From the smallest screw to large earth-moving equipment! We carry items specifically geared to our neighborhood. Animal feeds, garden supplies, tools, landscaping equipment, pet supplies, paint, electical and plumbing supplies … the list goes on and on!


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