A short history of our store:  My grandfather started the company in 1932 as a Purina feed mill. He sold cattle, horse and chicken feed to farmers in the Fontana area. We are now the second oldest Purina dealer east of the Mississippi. He believed that the keys to a successful business were to work hard, to treat customers right and sell a quality product. Those traits are still important to us today.

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Don Umberger

Don Umberger Sr.

My father and uncle took over the company in 1959. Dad always preached putting yourself in the customer’s shoes. We started selling equipment in 1964 and added a parts and service department at that time. One of the first brands was Gehl, they build the skid loaders that we sell now. The company was still primarily focused on the agriculture community. They decided to reach out to the growing consumer market in the area and built a new hardware store across the street from the mill in 1982.

I joined the company in 1985 and shortly thereafter we became a Cub Cadet dealer. Eventually we added the Toro, Ferris, Hustler and Husqvarna brands. We tripled the size of the store to its present dimensions in 1994. We used the extra room to increase our offerings on lawn and garden products and animal care items.

Nevin Hoover and I took over the management of the company in 2000. We continue to provide equipment for home owners, hobby farmers and fulltime farmers as well as service that equipment. We have a wide diversity of products for lawns and gardens and all kinds of animals. We let Purina make all our feed now and we are still committed to provide the best in quality nutrition to your animals. Whether we are selling a lawn tractor, a bag of horse feed, a hammer or a bag of grass seed, taking care of our customers is still our top priority.

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Donald M. Umberger Jr.

Don nevin

Don Jr. & Nevin


Umbergers store